Welcome to the Memphis Music Store

We are the Yamaha Piano Dealer for the Memphis, TN, and the Mid-South. Memphis Music is the best place in Memphis for New Pianos, Used Pianos, Organs, Musical Instruments, Music Lessons, and Musical Instrument Maintenance. We also are proud to be an authorized Fender®, EVH®, and Gretsch® musical instrument dealer. We have two halves to our store: The piano side on the left and the "everything else" side on the right. The piano side of the store carries a huge selection of new Yamaha Pianos and Young Chang Pianos, Hammond Organs, as well as a ton of Used Pianos that we buy or receive in trades with local schools and customers. The "everything else" side, dubbed Garage Band, sells everything from guitars, strings, and amplifiers, to violins, reeds, and sheet music. If you're looking for a product or specific piece of information that isn't on the website quite yet, feel free to call us at 901-937-8484 during our regular business hours, stop by any of our three locations, or you may e-mail us your questions at any time at support@memphispiano.com

In addition to being a Musical Instrument Store, Memphis Music also offers other Musical Instrument Services. We have an in-house Piano Moving team, who do anything from moving delivering your new piano to your church to moving your personal piano from your old house to your new one, whether you bought that piano from us or not. We also do Piano Tuning per scheduled appointments with our main piano guy and all-around favorite person in the world, Ron Anderson. In addition to our piano services, our Garage Band department handles Guitar Repair, instrument maintenance, and Pro Audio equipment.

We also have a large selection of teachers we work with to teach children and adults how to play music. We offer lessons for all ages and instruments, including Guitar Lessons, Piano Lessons, Drum Lessons, Violin Lessons, and Vocal Lessons. We also offer Recreational Music Making classes with Jason Bell, where adults learn to play music for therapeutic purposes in a relaxed environment. We occasionally have what we call Crash Courses, where adults with no prior experience whatsoever can learn to play the piano in a single day.



The Mid-South's Place for Pianos

We love pianos here at Memphis Music. Of our building's two halves, we have an entire side devoted to pianos. We sell new Yamaha and Young Chang pianos; we sell used pianos of all types; we rent pianos out for lessons or events or any other reason one may rent a piano; we teach piano classes; we fix pianos; we tune pianos; we have an entire crew on staff just for moving pianos from point A to point B, whether from a church to our warehouse or from your old house to your new house, no matter how far. Regardless of your piano needs, our expert staff has the desire, knowledge, and resources to help.

All Kinds of Musical Instruments

The other half of our store is devoted to everything else, from guitars to keyboards to saxophones to cymbals to clarinets. We are an authorized dealer for Fender®, EVH®, and Gretsch® products. We have a huge selection of guitars, both electric and acoustic as well as Fold, Traditional, and Classical guitars. We also have all kinds of bass guitars, more amplifiers than you can shake a stick at, a huge selection of band and orchestra items and accessories, a veritable library of sheet music, drum sets and cymbals and all of your other percussion needs, and information on any musical instrument you can think of. 

Music Classes for All Ages

No matter what your needs are, we can help. We offer all kinds of classes for adults and children, for almost any musical instrument you can imagine. Take a few minutes to browse our instructors and find which one is right for you. Whether for school, a hobby, your child's advancement, or your own intellectual curiosity, we have a class for you or your children. For adults specifically, not only do we offer our regular instrument lessons, but we have Recreational Music Making classes with Jason Bell, and occasional "crash courses" for beginners that can teach a motivated adult to play an instrument in a single day.